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DADDY PORN by Teo Mungaray

I want to know what makes me want to see

one man call another his ‘boy’ and fuck him.

Oh, Freud would love this disaster.

I know I’m not the only one. It’s a whole

godforsaken genre. How many times

has a hookup called me boy,

asked that I call him Sir or Daddy? And look,

it worked. It got me into a jockstrap and out of the house

on a Wednesday night. God strike me down,

it was hot. I snuck out of my bedroom window

one college summer for fifteen musky minutes in his car,

and when I got back I hated myself for it.

In Chicago there’s a bar called Jackhammer

where downstairs you can’t wear clothes.

You can only get drinks in plastic, so there’s no glass.

Condoms are provided. There’s a tub for piss –

a baptistry. This night – a sabbath for dangerous sex.

I once saw a man in ecstasy, sober, slung up

in a leather saddle and chains. His ass was bleeding,

but I couldn’t look away. I walked closer to him,

saw his leg tattooed with the biohazard symbol.

His nipples were pierced. He screamed in pain,

but he kept saying Please, Daddy, more.


TEO MUNGARAY is a queer, chronically ill, latinx poet. He holds an MFA from Pacific University of Oregon and is pursuing his doctorate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is a co-founder and co-EIC of Cotton Xenomorph. His poems have recently appeared in or are forthcoming from Drunk Monkeys,Sycamore Review, Birdfeast, Five:2:One Magazine, Cosmonauts Avenue and Glass: A Journal of Poetry. He has a cat named Lysistrata. You can follow Teo on Twitter.


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