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coil (from the foretop) by Arianne True

snug I rail :: long for my mariner

look for you in glass you

leave in canvas and burlap

your nails hammock :: my ribs etch

rope over bone fingers sleep

while palms press :: twist fibers

will you unbraid :: your hair

I bycatch :: sailor a day from land

for wine :: a cook drinks saltwater

you bought a boat. trawler.

my hands go

soft in the broth


ARIANNE TRUE (Choctaw, Chickasaw) is a queer poet and folk artist from Seattle. She teaches and mentors with Writers in the Schools (WITS), the Seattle Youth Poet Laureate program, and Hugo House’s Young Writers Cohort. Arianne is a proud alum of Hedgebrook and of the MFA program at the Institute of American Indian Arts, and is a current Hugo Fellow.


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