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SADDLE by Terrance Daye

I give my nigga dominance/ that is, I let my nigga dominate me/ who’s the nigger now/

he riles me with the small bit/ of his body/ in my mouth/ a kind of Eucharist/

yes, I have four legs/ yes, I have a back/ you can ride/ I can be a man’s calvary/

I know how to be saddled and ridden/ I know how to be split in two/ and paid for/

I can quarter for a cost/ time-spent body/ what you got in you to give, my nigga/

let me take it for you/ we can take/ turns pricing one another/

for the small price of my life/ nigga, I can king you.


TERRANCE DAYE is an award-winning poet and filmmaker from Long Island, New York. Terrance’s creative work reimagines traditional representations of black masculinity and male identity and invests strongly in destigmatizing mental illness within the black community. In 2017, Terrance was the recipient of a College Language Association Margaret Walker Memorial Prize and winner of the Agnes Scott College Writers’ Festival Poetry Competition judged by Claudia Rankine. Terrance is a 2018 Sundance Ignite Fellow and his latest film project, The Colored Hospital, was shortlisted for the 44th Student Academy Awards. Terrance received his BA from Morehouse College and is pursuing his MFA in filmmaking at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.


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