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Editor's Note and What's Next

When I think of the history of our world, one word comes to mind: power. How power has been used as everyday tools to keep people down. Isn't it crazy the things people'll do for power, for the pseudo-feeling power gives them? When was the last time you've meditated on your power? When was the last time you asked yourself: "How have I been contributing to this white supremacist society?" I admit, I ask myself this question often. But, this issue, these poets reminded me of how little I interrogate my own power and how I wield it.

And then there is the train gnawing away at the lower east side of the city. There is the hum of trees barely getting by. There is more to say about power, yes, and how the wind shaves the newly budded rosebushes. Is nothing ever truly unstoppable?

The answer is in this issue, I believe. I believe this issue wants to me think about the ways, too, I have been conditioned to believe aspects of my identities are powerless. My blackness. My queerness. My emotions. My artistry. But these poets, tell me to stand up in these "monsters." Be monstrous. Have authority over myself. So says Jari Bradley in "Exodus II": I have no master / to lord over me." So says Tianna Bratcher in "today i took my body off": "but today my body is a celebratory thing / I rename it." So says Minying Huang in "青": I could be ocean, too. After all, you think me chaos."


After Issue Four, we will be going a year hiatus. During this hiatus we will be focused on the following projects for 2020-2021:

  • End of 2020 - Becoming a nonprofit - $1,000

  • End of 2020 - Revitalizing our publishing cycle/schedule to one per a week

  • End of 2020 - Contributor honorarium - $1,500

  • Beginning of 2021 - Hiring a social media coordinator - $2,000

  • End of 2020 - Increasing staff payment - $5,000

  • 2021 - Writer's retreat for queer poets of color - $3,000

In order to complete the 2020 projects, we will need to raise $9,500 by the end of 2020, and will need to raise a total of 12,500. I do think it's possible. If you want to become a donor for these projects, please donate to our PayPal. Follow us on Twitter for more updates!

We will be back again in 2020!

-Luther Hughes, Founding Editor


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