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"Nightfall" by Cedar Sigo

The crumpled steel

guarded movement

its offering, dead

bells on felt


walk your

body around its

outline, in some

distress and rust

you got it right


see through-

enter off

the sides

no edge left

unturned, blurred

in point of fact

a soft glow beckons

before we are barred

from the lights

the way we like


any number of ways

to squeeze a brushed

defenseless box

meaning mind pouring

holes down through

the top reinforcing

its phantom

dust coated tongues

of grey green plants

open prairie


I would like it better

strolling each side alone

iron grips

the long and dark

long and bright



CEDAR SIGO was raised on the Suquamish Reservation in the Pacific Northwest and studied at The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa Institute. A book of lectures, Guard the Mysteries will be published by Wave Books in June 2021.


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