Shade Literary Arts is literary organization focused on the empowerment and expansion of literature by queer writers of color.

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In March 2020, we launched the Queer Writers of Color Relief Fund.


After almost 10 months of fundraising and relief efforts, we are sad to say we have exhausted all of our funds for this iteration of relief funding. This is not to say we will won't do more relief funding in the future, but as of today, we are closing the fund. Thank you to everyone who donated and shared this fund. It is beyond appreciated and I know this fund would not be what it was today without the love and support of my community. Again, thank you! 

With this fund, we donated about $45.5k to 175 writers. That is truly, truly amazing! Again, thank you to everyone who donated and shared. 

Over the next several months, Shade Literary Arts will be focusing on our literary journal, The Shade Journal, as well as begin planning for readings, panels, and workshops. If you want to donate to Shade Literary Arts to continue doing the work to support queer writers of color, please use the donate button below. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

Thanks again!

With peace,

Luther Hughes, Founder

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